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Recharging Dad

I got my son an awesome gift for Christmas.  In fact, I want one, too.

When he unwrapped the Traxxas Slash, I do not know which of us was more excited.  This remote controlled car not only can hit 30 MPH, but can take a beating – a beating only a 10-year-old can dish out.

Photo Credit: Lorenzo F10 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Lorenzo F10 via Compfight cc

As you can imagine, the battery is the weak link.  The seven cell battery pack can last up to 25 minutes.  That is unless my son drives it – he does not go any speed other than full throttle and full stop.

Being a single dad feels like being at full throttle or full stop most of the time.  Full stop pretty much comes when you sleep.  Full throttle is the rest of your waking hours.

OK, maybe I exaggerate, but you get the idea.

As I have mentioned, my son spends the summer months with my ex in another state, so I have the perfect opportunity to recharge my batteries.

But I have one problem…I am not always sure how to recharge.

Do I recharge by binge watching Daredevil?  Do I spend eight weeks at the gym?  Do I read the 18-inch high stack of books I have ignored on my nightstand?  Do I reconnect with old friends I do not see often?

Many guys have trouble figuring out what they need to recharge.  In the coming weeks, I want to explore what it looks like for me and maybe help you to maximize those moments.

What do “recharge” moments look like for you?