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Encouraging Your Kids At School

In the first quarter of fifth grade, my son made the Principal’s List.  He earned all A’s and one B in his classes.  This was a first and he couldn’t have been prouder.

Photo Credit: cosiscience via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: cosiscience via Compfight cc

Last Friday, he received his second quarter report card.  He did not make the Principal’s List or the Honor Roll (all A’s and two B’s).  He earned three B’s.

Let me back up one step and let you know I believe kids should be kids and try not to overemphasize grades in elementary school.  I would rather my son develop good study habits and learn socialization than stress about making straight A’s.  This coming from someone who was a good student, but not a straight A student.

As I have told many, I am not burdened by extreme intellect.  But I hope I have enough book smarts and street smarts (AKA “wisdom”) to succeed as an adult.

When I looked at his report card, I decided to skip the usual responses:

“Hey, what happened this quarter?”

“Why did you get B’s when I know you can get A’s?”

“Did your friends make the Principal’s List?”

Instead, I asked him what his goals were for the next quarter.

Immediately, he said “I want to get back on the Principal’s List.”  No hesitation.

I affirmed his goal and will occasionally ask him how he is progressing…and I may even remind him of his goal when he begs to play a video game instead of reading for his Accelerated Reading requirement.

This will be a new adventure – my son has not set out to make goals, but this may be the perfect opportunity to get him thinking about what it takes to achieve future results.

I will keep you posted.

Have you set goals as a parent?  Have you found success in helping your kids set goals?