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Essentials For The Single Dad – Friendship

In my first blog post you will find a quote from C.S. Lewis acknowledging the power of friendship and community.  Over the course of experiencing single fatherhood, those words ring truer than ever.

Just last week I had the opportunity to visit The Eagle and Child pub in Oxford, England.  This is the place Lewis and several of his colleagues (notably J.R.R. Tolkien) went to drink a pint, smoke a pipe and develop their friendships.  Being there made me consider how much more I could invest in the lives of others and how much enjoyment comes from good drink, fine food, and rich relationships.

Photo by the author

Photo by the author

I have known too many fathers going through divorce, custody battles, counseling, their kids’ rebellion, financial stress, and the search for a new spouse.  We have taught each other, commiserated, challenged and encouraged one another.  Hopefully, this blog has played such a role for you.

My son does not come back from his time with my ex for another two weeks.  A few weeks ago I suggested we all take those rare moments when we do not have our kids around to consider where our lives may be out of balance.  This week, I suggest we look closely at our social lives – in particular, in our male friendships.

The Art of Manliness recently ran an excellent article on the subject of male friendship.  Think about the men in your life and figure out how you can benefit from those relationships and how you can pour your life into others who will benefit from your friendship and advice on being a dad.

We are all in this together…make a point to invest in friendships.  Doing so will ultimately benefit you, your friends, and your kids.

Who has been an indispensible friend through your divorce or entry into single-fatherhood?  How have you been a friend to someone going through an experience you have already endured?